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You do not have to worry about anything Moving for Life is here to help you move. When you contact us for a full service move you will get professionals who are focused and dedicated to help you move without any hitches. Moving for Life handles each move individually, taking hands on approach. We come in with our employees, pack your belonging, load it into trucks and deliver them to your new address. Our services do not just stop there; we ensure that we unpack your belongings before we leave. With a full service move it simply means that you do not worry about anything when moving right from the moment you contact Moving for Life. You get quality services from Moving for Life which will leave you happy and satisfied.

At Moving for Life we are a dedicated team, so you get experience and professionalism right from the moment you contact us. When you contact us for a full service move you will get:

• Moving for Life representative to handle all the details in a checklist. The representative meets with you before the move so that they can answer any question you may have. They will also give you estimates on the moving expenses and provide advice about which us the best way to handle your move. With the full service move you do not have to worry about anything as we will schedule your moving date and delivery dates. This is vital, as we will tailor make your moving to fit your schedule and also provide a vital communication link to us.

• Professional drivers, we at Moving for Life have ensured that we provide you with qualified and experienced drivers. They are well trained so as to ensure that your belongings reach your destination in mint condition. We stand out due to the fact that our truck drivers are the best. The driver will supervise loading of your belongings and drive the truck to your new address.

• Moving for life Employees. We are a dedicated team and ensure that whenever we are handling any move, we are professional. We pack your belongings for safe transport. Our employees have been trained on how to handle any household item you may have be it small, large or even fragile. This ensures that your move is a success.
With services such as these you are assured of quality services and reliability on our part. You can expect us to do everything in our power to ensure that you receive your belongings within the stipulated time. We handle:

• Packing and wrapping
When you contact us for a full service move, you expect us to handle everything from packing to shipping. We will come in to your house and pack your belongings. Assuming that you do not have the time to be there when we are packing your stuff, we will create a checklist which you will have to counter sign when we deliver your stuff to your new location.

We use quality packing materials but do not expect an increase on prices yet as we have ensured that the materials we bring to pack your belongings is cheap. At Moving for Life we have ensured that our customers instructions are taken into considerations when packing their belongings. This entails ensuring that we dispatch experienced staff so that they can help wrap your staff. We take extra care of your belongings so that you do not have to complain about any damages when we finally deliver your stuff.

We also ensure that we arrange all the stuff in your house according to the different category they belong to so that we can easily load them into our trucks and help save space.

• Loading and Unloading
When it comes to loading we have put certain measures to ensure that loading jobs are done without any difficulties. We have equipped our employees with lifts so that they are capable of loading heavy stuff.
We also provide padded and clean trucks so you do not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged.
When we reach your destination we will ensure that we unload your belongings according to the instructions given. If you want essential stuff unloaded first then we will have loaded the truck so that these items are unloaded the first thing we deliver them.

• Assembly and installation
Here at Moving for life we are specialist in assembly and installation of different equipment and furniture. We have skilled technicians who work alongside other staff to ensure that every detail is correct when installing or even disassembling a certain item.

By any chance we find that we are incapable of handling any of your belongings we will contact you and have you send over instructions so that we can install it for you.
With Moving for Life you do not have to worry about anything, we have got you covered no matter what your needs are.

What to Expect From Us
With Moving for Life you are assured of our dedicated team do all the following:
• Take inventory. We make sure that we document all the cartons and separate items according to the different categories they belong to. This is listed on an inventory form, writing each product description. Upon delivery you will be required to review the check-off sheet so as to verify you have received all items which were being shipped.

• Loading the truck. We ensure that we provide clean and padded trucks, load every belonging you have into the truck. We ensure that our staff is trained and experienced to handle any fragile belonging in your house so you do not need to worry about anything.

• Shipment tracking. We monitor the transportation of your belongings through satellite. If you are uneasy and would like to know where your belongings are you can call Moving for Life representative and they will track and inform you where your belongings have reached.

• Placing furniture. Moving for Life full service move ensures that you rest easy. We will unload all your furniture and place them where you need it to be. We will also carry out all the boxes to the different areas of your home and set them where you need us to set them.

• Unpacking. We help you unpack every box and place them where you direct us to place them.

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Tel: (832) 772-2100