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It is important that when you are moving you plan and prepare well in advance so that you may not have to worry about anything. The main point is that proper packing is the key to you successfully moving. When all your stuff is properly packed, it means that you do not have to worry about losing anything while on the move. This also guarantees that your belongings reach your destination safely and in mint condition. Proper packing also ensures that you arrange your belongings according to the category they belong to; this in turn ensures that your stuff takes less space. This translates to a lower cost of moving as there will be fewer boxes. So here are some packing tips which will surely help you move without any hitches.

Plan early
If you are thinking to move, it is advisable to start planning early. Make a packing plan before you move so as to move smoothly. You should get enough packing supplies and materials early in the planning stages so as to ensure that you do not struggle trying to find packing supplies. It is always wise to start collecting packing supplies 4 weeks before moving. You can start packing items which you do not need or use a month ahead of schedule. You can also sort through your belongings so that you can know where to place each item.

Take Inventory
About one month ahead of your scheduled move you should go through your home and note down all valuable items which you need. You can have visual aids such as pictures to help you know which products you have. It is also important to write descriptions of your belongings when taking down the inventory jotting down information such as serial numbers and store this in a binder.

Note difficult items to move.
It is important that you note all the difficult items you need to move while taking inventory. These include:
• Fragile items
• Breakable items such as glasses
• Antique furniture
• Mirrors
• Electronics
• Large items

It is important that you have a packing plan for these items as it will greatly simplify your move. If you are having trouble with these items then you can contact us for help and we will be sure to give you solutions.

Sort out your belongings carefully
Many people are hoarders and this means that they have many items in their houses which they think they require. The downside of this is that all these stuff will add to the final weight when calculating the cost of moving. It is advisable that you should sort out all your belongings and keep just what you need. It is not necessary that you through away everything but it is wise that you get rid of anything which will just clutter your new space.
You can get rid of these things through donations, garage sales or even dumping them in the trash.
Organize according to the category they belong to.

A few weeks to moving make sure that you take time organizing your belongings according to the category they belong to. This can be done according to the different rooms they were in, then according to the type of products such as clothes. You do not want to end up finding an item which was supposed to go to the kitchen right in your dirty laundry.

Get enough packing supplies
You will need a lot of boxes to pack your belongings. It is advisable that you get a lot of packing supplies so that you do not end up being distracted when in the middle of packing your belongings. You will also need;
• Packing tape
• Tissue paper
• Bubble wrap
• Labels
• Markers

Label all boxes clearly
It is important that you devise a clever labelling system which will ensure that you do not misplace anything. You should take your time and label all the boxes or if you find it difficult you can purchase box labels and stick them on the boxes. This is to help you when unloading and unpacking easier.

Do laundry
It is important that you do your laundry days in advance so that you do not have any dirty cloths. You need to clean your blankets, toys and clothes clean so that you can transition well into your new home. If you have any dirty laundry then it is prudent that you sort them out and pack them in a different bag.

Use all unmovable items before the move
Due to the fact the some of the items may void their warranty when moved it is important that you use up all the contents of such items before moving. These items may include propane tanks, paint or cleaning supplies. You should also try and consume all perishable foods before the move. Do not buy any new products of such category after exhausting your supplies.

Mark which boxes to opened first
Set aside the boxes which you will need to be opened first when you arrive to your new home. These may be utensils, snacks or even cloths. It is important that when loading the truck that you load these items last so that they may be unloaded and opened first.

Set aside what you need
It is important that you set aside the different products which you may require when you first move into your new home. These may include toiletries, clothes and food.